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Price Update: BTC Gains $570 In 24 Hours, Ethereum Moves Up 9%

The prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum have surged in the last 24 hours. While bitcoin gained about $570 in a 24-hour short bull run, Ethereum ...

Vitalik Buterin: Using Ethereum is expensive, and its blockchain is ‘almost full’

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has warned his blockchain is almost full, and says its lack of scalability persists as abottleneck thats keeping organizations from joining ...

Ethereum Istanbul hard fork, 6 new changes approved

Core developers at Ethereum finalised six different code changes last Thursday for ethereums next system-wide hard fork, Istanbul. Ethereum Istanbul upgrade Decided by all core devs and ...

Ethereum: Price Above $150 Still Bullish For Investors

The cryptocurrency market started making a come back led by Bitcoin following its dip to $9,500. This has brought Ethereum up as well, but the ...

Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) Gather Momentum, Spikes Over 7% in 24 Hours

Things seem to be looking up in the crypto space today, especially in Ripples (XRP) and Ethereums (ETH) market. As top cryptocurrencies by market cap, ...

Is Ethereum Becoming Colombia’s Best Money Option?

It appears Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency and the primary competitor to bitcoin, is growing in popularity in Colombia. Ethereum Is Carving Out a Name for Itself ...

Ethereum Could Still Be Worth Below $400 In The Next Major Bullish Phase

There have been a lot of experts views and analysis of the performance and trend of some top and famous cryptocurrencies. One of the most ...

BTSE Launches Ethereum Spot and Futures Trading

After Bitcoin, Tether, and Litecoin, Ethereum marks the latest cryptocurrency addition to the multi-currency exchange BTSE. Beginning on August 16th, 2019, BTSE will support ...

BBC Journalist Loses $30K ETH From Rookie Mistake

The world of crypto trading and investing can still be a minefield to the uninitiated. Stories of hacks and scams are still commonplace affecting both ...