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Current Bitcoin Price Action Like That of Pre-2017 Mania, Says Analyst

Popular on-chain technical analyst Willy Woo believes that Bitcoin is currently in the early phases of another huge bull market. He appeared on former Wall ...

Volatility for Bitcoin Hits Four-Month Low

At press time, you may not think bitcoin is doing much And youd be right. In fact, the currency has barely swung at all over ...

Bitcoin Weekly Chart May Point to Covert Bullishness

After incurring a sudden influx of buying pressure yesterday that sent Bitcoins price surging past $10,400, the cryptos bulls were unable to perpetuate this momentum, ...

Bitcoin Liquidations: BitMEX, Binance Bosses Duke It Out On Twitter

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has sparked the wrath of BitMEX, one of its biggest competitors after claiming to have invented an essential bitcoin trading tool. Hayes to ...

Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Price Boredom Ends With Break of $9K or $12K

Bitcoin price action has gone stagnant, causing volatility to disappear, and turning traders attention to toward altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple which are finally having ...

Will Tether’s 400M USDT Burning Lead Bitcoin to Crash?

400 million USDT vanished away yesterday at Tether Treasury, according to Twitter user Whale Alert. Many investors fear that a steep downtrend in Bitcoin price ...

Tim Draper: $250,000 Falls Short of BTC’s Potential

Tim Draper has made a real name for himself in the world of crypto given his consistent bitcoin price predictions and his purchase of Ross ...

Bitcoin Down as Saudi Attack Raises Fears of Economic Crisis

Bitcoin was trading in negative territory on Tuesday as attacks on Saudi Arabias crude oil processing facilities weighed on the global economy. The benchmark cryptocurrency dwindled ...