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Miss Hong Kong Explains ‘Bitcoin Time Traveller’ On Biggest TV Channel

The winner of the Miss Hong Kong 2015 pageant has appeared on the territorys most popular TV channel explaining the Bitcoin Time Traveler theory. Explaining The ...

Crypto Market Wrap: Litecoin Lifting 10% as Bitcoin Continues Consolidation

Crypto markets remain sideways; Litecoin still surging, BNB and Cardano doing well, Bitcoin and ETH flat. Market Wrap As the crypto consolidation continues markets have fallen back ...

Litecoin Breaks Away From BTC – Up 33% In a Week on Halving FOMO

Most of the major crypto assets such as Ethereum are still coupled to the movements of bitcoin. Only Litecoin has shown its independence recently as ...

Bitcoin Price Monthly Moving Average Growth Hints At Where Crypto Market Cycle Is At

While a recent poll shows that the majority of crypto investors have never experienced a transition from a bear market into a bull run, its ...

Bitcoin Has Dwarfed Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in ROI

Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway has seen an impressive increase of around 997,900 percent in its stock price since Warren Buffett took control. Bitcoin, on the ...

Bitcoin Reading List: Get Up to Speed With the World’s Most Popular Crypto Asset

The world of crypto assets is often a rather daunting and confusing place. As a newcomer, it can be difficult to hone in on good ...

Bitcoin: After Failing to Break Above $8k, Analysts Believe BTC’s Price May Stagnate

Bitcoin has once again failed to break back into the $8,000 region, signaling that this price level will remain a level of resistance for the ...

Could Growing Global Distrust be a Boon For Bitcoin (BTC)?

More nations appear to be starting to see the folly of fiat currency. With growing calls for gold-backed currencies for international settlement, there may be ...

$150 Million in Freshly Printed Tether To Cause Bitcoin Price to Surge

Tethers effect on the crypto market at large cannot be understated. Not only does the fiat-backed stablecoin act as a safe haven asset during downtrends ...