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Why Ethereum Can’t Displace Bitcoin for Industry Expert Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos doesnt foresee any change in the positions of the top two digital currencies by market capitalisation any time soon. The author, computer scientist, ...

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin at $5,000 in Q1/2020; Here’s Why It is Compelling

While a strong bull action took the bitcoin rate up by 22 percent this week, there is still a strong likelihood of the cryptocurrency shedding ...

Universal Protocol Alliance to List Mega-Utility Token on Bitcoin.com Exchange

In addition to listing the Universal Protocol Alliances mega-utility token, Bitcoin.com Exchange will also list the groups stablecoins, as well as support interoperability between the ...

Traders Prepare For a Big Bitcoin Drop as Shorts Stack 50%

Crypto traders are preparing for the next big move in Bitcoin, as short positions have stacked up by an additional 50% over the last 24 ...

Bitcoin Mining Giant Canaan Shares Plummet 58%: What Does it Show About BTC?

The stock price of Canaan Inc, a bitcoin mining giant based in Beijing, has dropped by $12 to $5 since November 25, by more than ...

Bitcoin Bull Case Builds as Price Holds $7,500 Range; What’s Next?

On Wednesday morning, it seemed as though things were about to go south for the Bitcoin market yet again. For those who missed the memo, ...

Bitcoin to Boom after Markets Run Out of Fed Support

The US central banks effort to expand its balance sheet through a pseudo-quantitative easing program could prompt bitcoin to pursue its next bull run. Since October, ...

Bitcoin Not Threatened by Cryptocurrency Launched by Laureate-Advised Firm

Amidst regulatory uncertainty, U.K.-based Saga hopes to introduce a global digital currency that lawmakers and consumers alike find agreeable. The stablecoin (think Tether) is pegged ...

Bitcoin Wallet Reviews: What’s the Best Hardware Wallet on the Market?

Hardware wallets are small and portable devices which empower users to manage the keys to their bitcoin in a way that combines security with convenience. ...