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Bitcoin Wallets Under Review, Consultancy Firm Grades BTC Storage Methods

Adequate Bitcoin storage should be a top priority for any holders of the cryptocurrency. However, with so many different options available to users, how do ...

Bitcoin Price to Touch $4.2K After Q4 Sell-Off, Analyst Calls

A popular technical analyst believes that benchmark cryptocurrency Bitcoin would continue its decline for the remainder of this year. Twitter analyst Bitcoin Jack (BJ) on Tuesday ...

Bitcoin Impact on Climate Change Negligible, Nearly Half of Emissions From China

Recently, it was reported that Bitcoin mining now consumes as much as a quarter percent of the entire worlds electricity supply, putting it on par ...

Phineas Fisher Offers Hefty BTC Funds to New “Bug Hunting” Hacktivists

Hacktivist Phineas Fisher is willing to pay money to anyone capable of carrying out his agenda. Fisher: Im Doing This to Benefit Society While that is not ...

Antonopoulos Says Bitcoin Ideology Terrifies Wall Street

Cryptocurrency proponent Andreas Antonopoulos speaks about the fear that Bitcoin invokes around Wall Street. Even though there are burgeoning Bitcoin futures markets, and so a ...

Emotional Rollercoaster: Bitcoin Could Follow the Amazon Fractal, Big Upside Potential

Markets, whether its Bitcoin or Amazon stocks, are cyclical and are driven by the same dynamics such as supply and demand, speculation, and the emotional ...

Bitcoin-Friendly Governments Will Be Biggest Winners, Tim Draper Says

Billionaire Tim Draper has praised Bitcoin for breaking the worlds borders and acting as a global currency system. He told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ...

3 Things Holding Bitcoin Above $8K Right Now

With Bitcoin inching closer to breaking below $8k, investors are holding their breath. But, these three key developments might just keep its head above water. 1. ...

Bitcoin Mining Capitulation is Here at Last; Will Prices React?

Dread it. Run from it. Bitcoin (BTC) miner capitulation arrives all the same. As spotted by Charles Edwards, a cryptocurrency analyst, the Hash Ribbons ...