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Crypto Analyst: Bitcoin Price Stuck Between Converging Moving Averages Until Mid-Year

Traders, investors, and analysts are all watching Bitcoin price charts in hopes to better predict when the current crypto bear market ends and a new ...

You Can Now Buy Bitcoin At The Post Office In Liechtenstein

The national post service of the small European country of Liechtenstein has confirmed it will now offer Bitcoin (BTC) sales as part of its product ...

Grayscale Q4 Report Finds Institutional Investors Returning to ‘Bitcoin Maximalism’

Digital Currency Asset Manager, Grayscale Investments, had a record year in 2018, with institutions and retirement accounts comprising the lions share. Whats more, theyare increasingly ...

Indonesia Officially Recognizes Bitcoin as a Commodity

Regulators in Indonesia have finally recognized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as commodities, thus providing legal backing for trading virtual currencies. Consequently, cryptocurrency exchanges in the ...

Wyoming Becomes First State To Give Bitcoin Owners Full Property Rights

Cryptocurrency advocates are celebrating Friday after the US state of Wyoming passed a bill giving direct property rights to cryptocurrency holders. Wyoming Senate Passes Crypto Property ...

Will Bitcoin Block Size Reduction Argument Cause Another Crypto Conflict?

Things have been busy in crypto land this week and the big debate over Bitcoins block size has only just been usurped by JP Morgans ...

First Ever US Pension Funds to Invest in Bitcoin

Morgan Creek Digital is taking things a notch higher with a claim that they are probably the first US pension fund to ever pour money ...

Chinese Mining Pool Co-Founder Encourages Investors to Buy Bitcoin Now

Instant messaging platforms like Discord, Telegram, and WeChat have seen the growth of groups dedicated to cryptocurrencies over the past couple of years. In a ...

Crypto Markets Trade Down as Bitcoin (BTC) Short Positions Plunge

Since the crypto markets witnessed a large price swing last Friday, they have been gradually drifting downwards, with Bitcoin (BTC) expressing some levels of stability ...