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Bitcoin is not the Blockchain.

Bitcoin as a BlockchainWelcome to my first article of Blockchain World Series. Lets getstarted!The word Bitcoin became popular before the word Blockchain got its place. ...

Debut Blockchain conference slated for April 2019 in Austin, Texas

The Global Block Builders are hosting their debut blockchain conference this upcoming April 10-13th in Austin, Texas at the Coppertank Event Center. The Global Block ...

The Importance of Modularity in a Blockchain Platform

Project Ara: an idea for a modular smartphone.Modularity refers to a systems ability to be broken down into components which can be separated and recombined. ...

#IntlRoundup: IBM’s Global Blockchain Week

As part of our regular weekly roundup, Coinsquare News covered the weeks significant international cryptocurrency and blockchain headlines. In this edition, we look at global ...

HSBC says it has completed $250bn FX trades using blockchain

Blockchain appears to be gaining traction in the banking sector with HSBC announcing that it has settled $250bn worth of forex trades using the technology ...

Ripple and Euro Exim to trial new blockchain-based trade finance capability for xCurrent

Ripple and Euro Exim are to pilot a new capability that embeds trade finance transactions into Ripples blockchain-based messaging system. Euro Exim is also set to ...

Blockchain Fundamentals

ABOUT THE COURSE The course provides an overview of Blockchain technology including its history, evolution and the future. Students learn about blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Hyperledger ...

Blockchain This Week: How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Decentralised Ledger

In 2016, a smart contract platform called Slock(.it) run on the Ethereum, partnered with a German energy giant RWE, in an effort to revolutionise the ...