Max Property Group B.V. has announced the creation of the first security tokens on the Ardor platform, with Asset I.D. 7646766282089936451. The tokens have been called ‘MPGS’ and represent Max Property Group B.V. certified shares. The certified shares have the same rights to profit and company ownership as normal shares, with the exception of voting rights.

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands (PRWEB) November 09, 2019

Ardor is a blockchain technology platform that offers businesses proven tools to build blockchain applications out of the box. Ignis is the public blockchain of the Ardor platform on which dApps can be created.

Max Property Group, a Dutch company that owns real estate crowdfunding platform, Max Crowdfund, as well as property funds with millions of Euros of of assets under management in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany, has tokenised a part of its shares on Ignis as a Controlled Asset. The MPGS security tokens represent certified shares in the company as will be reflected in the official share register. These shares will be controlled by a STAK, a Dutch Foundation.

“The business world is changing, especially in the real estate sector. We must evolve alongside technology if we are to stay ahead of the game. Max Property Group has been developing in line with emerging blockchain technology since 2017 and this is another step towards the digitalisation of our business space,” says Max Property Group’s Managing Director, Mark Lloyd.

About Max Property Group

Max Property Group (MPG) is a real estate company based in the Netherlands and...

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