#1 All cards must be Near Mint, unless stated otherwise

#2 All cards must be English and Tournament Legal

#3 Please ship out with delivery confirmation/tracking number if items sent are worth $25 or more and I"ll do the same. I"m not responsible for lost items.

#4 Please include your values next to the cards you have that I need and for the cards I’m interested in before making an offer.

#5 I have PayPal, and would prefer for you to send money as a PayPal gift, if you buy from me.

#6 I can buy cards, if it"s something I really want. However, do NOT expect full price for it. If you want full value, sell on eBay or another site.

#7 I do NOT do international trades. This includes Canada. Sorry.

Ok, now that the rules are out of the way, let"s get down to what I have to trade.

Ghost Rare

[YGOCARD]Bujinki Amaterasu[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Mobius the Mega Monarch[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Number C39: Utopia Ray[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Power Tool Dragon[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Rainbow Neos

Stellarknight Delteros[/YGOCARD]

Secret Rare


[YGOCARD]Ancient Fairy Dragon[/YGOCARD] (CT06)

Angel 07 x3 (LODT)

Anti Spell Fragrance (PCY)


[YGOCARD]Armityle the Chaos Phantom[/YGOCARD] (ANPR)

[YGOCARD]Barrel Dragon[/YGOCARD] (MC1)

[YGOCARD]Belial - Marquis of Darkness[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Black Magic Ritual[/YGOCARD] x10 (PP01)

[YGOCARD]Black Rose Dragon[/YGOCARD] x3 (CT05)

[YGOCARD]Blowback Dragon[/YGOCARD] (MC2)

[YGOCARD]Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier[/YGOCARD] (HL01)

[YGOCARD]Cactus Bouncer[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (ABPF)


[YGOCARD]Colossal Fighter/Assault Mode[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CRMS)

[YGOCARD]Charge of the Light Brigade[/YGOCARD] (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End[/YGOCARD] (IOC)


[YGOCARD]The Dark Creator[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

Dark Magician x2 (BPT-007)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magician Girl[/YGOCARD] (CT2)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magician Knight[/YGOCARD] x2 (ROD)

[YGOCARD]Dark Red Enchanter[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Dark Ruler Ha Des[/YGOCARD] (MC1)


[YGOCARD]Dark Simorgh[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (SOVR)

[YGOCARD]Darklord Zerato[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Diabolos, King of the Abyss[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

Diffusion Wave Motion x3 (MFC)

[YGOCARD]Earthbound Linewalker[/YGOCARD] (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Chaos Neos[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (GLAS)

Fiendish Engine Q (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Gate Guardian[/YGOCARD] (MRD)

[YGOCARD]Gilford the Lightning[/YGOCARD] (CT2)

[YGOCARD]Gladiator Beast Retiari[/YGOCARD] (CSOC)

[YGOCARD]Goyo Guardian[/YGOCARD] x2 (CT05)



[YGOCARD]Harpie"s Feather Duster[/YGOCARD] (SDD)

[YGOCARD]Harpie"s Feather Duster[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LCYW)

[YGOCARD]Infernity Destroyer[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TSHD)

[YGOCARD]Imperial Order[/YGOCARD] x3 (PSV)

[YGOCARD]Injection Fairy Lily[/YGOCARD] x5 (LOD)

[YGOCARD]Invader of Darkness[/YGOCARD] (IOC)

[YGOCARD]Jar of Avarice[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

Jinzo (BPT)

Judgement Of Anubis (DCR)

Kasha (ANPR)

Knightmare Unicorn (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Lich Lord, King of the Underworld[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Machine King[/YGOCARD] x6 (DL4)


[YGOCARD]Magic Cylinder[/YGOCARD] (LON)

[YGOCARD]Magic Cylinder[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LON)

[YGOCARD]Magician of Black Chaos[/YGOCARD] x3 (RP01)

[YGOCARD]Marshmallon[/YGOCARD] x3 (PP01)

[YGOCARD]Marshmallon Glasses[/YGOCARD] x10 (PP01)


[YGOCARD]Negate Attack[/YGOCARD] (TSC)

Neo Parshath The Sky Paladin 1st Ed (STON)

[YGOCARD]Neos Wiseman[/YGOCARD] x3 (CSOC)

[YGOCARD]Power Tool Dragon[/YGOCARD] (CT06)


[YGOCARD]Rainbow Dark Dragon[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Rainbow Dragon[/YGOCARD] (CT04)

[YGOCARD]Raviel, Lord of Phantasms[/YGOCARD] (CT03)

[YGOCARD]Red Dragon Archfiend[/YGOCARD] x4 (CT05)


[YGOCARD]Slifer the Sky Dragon[/YGOCARD] (CT13)

[YGOCARD]Star Eater[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (JOTL)

[YGOCARD]Tatsunoko[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

[YGOCARD]Theinen the Great Sphinx[/YGOCARD] (MC2)

[YGOCARD]Thousand Dragon[/YGOCARD] x3 (MRD)


[YGOCARD]Tri-Horned Dragon[/YGOCARD] x3 (LOB)

[YGOCARD]Ultimate Providence[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

[YGOCARD]Volcanic Rocket[/YGOCARD] x2 (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]White Night Dragon[/YGOCARD] (ANPR)

[YGOCARD]Widespread Ruin[/YGOCARD] (DOD)

[YGOCARD]Windstorm of Etaqua[/YGOCARD] (PCY)

[YGOCARD]Wrath of Neos[/YGOCARD] (HA01)

Ultimate Rare

[YGOCARD]Alien Mother[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (POTD)

[YGOCARD]Alien Warrior[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (POTD)

[YGOCARD]Allure Queen LV5[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Ancient Fairy Dragon[/YGOCARD] (ANPR)

[YGOCARD]The Beginning of the End[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Bubble Shuffle[/YGOCARD] (CRV)

Card Trader 1st Ed (STON)

[YGOCARD]The Creator[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Combo Master[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Twin Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CRV)

Cyberdark Keep 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Cyclone Blade[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (POTD)

Dangerous Machine Type 6 (LODT)

Darkblade The Dragon Knight 1st Ed x2 (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Dark City[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (POTD)

Dekoichi, The Battlechanted Locomotive 1st Ed (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Destiny End Dragoon[/YGOCARD] (LODT)

Destiny Hero Dasher 1st Ed (POTD)

Destiny Hero Diamond Dude 1st Ed (EOJ)

Destiny Hero Double Dude 1st Ed (POTD)

Destiny Hero Dreadmaster 1st Ed (EOJ)

[YGOCARD]Dark Lucius LV6[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Drastic Drop Off[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Aqua Neos[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (POTD)

Elemental Hero Bladeedge 1st Ed (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Captain Gold[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Wild Wingman[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (EOJ)

Fusiler Dragon The Dual Mode Beast 1st Ed (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Garlandolf, King of Destruction[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Gearfried the Swordmaster[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FET)

Goldd, Wu Lord Of Dark World 1st Ed (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Great Shogun Shien[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (STON)


Hero Flash 1st Ed (EOJ)


[YGOCARD]Lightning Punisher[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Montage Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TDGS)

Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird 1st Ed (STON)

Neo Spacian Dark Panther 1st Ed (POTD)

Neo Spacian Flare Scarab 1st Ed (POTD)

Neo Spacian Grand Mole (STON)


[YGOCARD]Ojama King[/YGOCARD] x2 (SOD)

[YGOCARD]Overload Fusion[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (POTD)

[YGOCARD]Phoenix Wing Wind Blast[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FET)

[YGOCARD]Princess Curran[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (SOI)

[YGOCARD]Princess Pikeru[/YGOCARD] x3 (SOI)

[YGOCARD]Pulling the Rug[/YGOCARD] (STON)

[YGOCARD]Pulling the Rug[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (STON)

[YGOCARD]Sage of Silence[/YGOCARD] (STON)

[YGOCARD]Sage of Silence[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (STON)

[YGOCARD]Sillva, Warlord of Dark World[/YGOCARD] x3 (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Solar Recharge[/YGOCARD] (LODT)

[YGOCARD]Soul of Fire[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Spark Blaster[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CRV)

[YGOCARD]Test Tiger[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (GLAS)

[YGOCARD]Transcendent Wings[/YGOCARD] (CRV)

[YGOCARD]Transcendent Wings[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CRV)

[YGOCARD]Tri-Blaze Accelerator[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)


[YGOCARD]Victory Viper XX03[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (EOJ)

[YGOCARD]Volcanic Shell[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Volcanic Slicer[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Warrior of Atlantis[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Yubel - Terror Incarnate[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (PTDN)

Ultra Rare

[YGOCARD]Airknight Parshath[/YGOCARD] x2 (LOD)

[YGOCARD]Allure Queen LV7[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Amazoness Chain Master[/YGOCARD] (SP1)

[YGOCARD]Ancient Fairy Dragon[/YGOCARD] (ANPR)

[YGOCARD]Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x10 (SD10)

[YGOCARD]Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Andro Sphinx[/YGOCARD] x10 (EP1)

[YGOCARD]Armory Arm[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (DP08)

[YGOCARD]Aromage Rosemary[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Aromaseraphy Jasmine x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Ash Blossom -amp; Joyous Spring[/YGOCARD] x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Axe of Despair[/YGOCARD] (MRL)

Beat Cop From The Underworld 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Book of Moon[/YGOCARD] (TU07)

Booster Dragon x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Brohunder[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning[/YGOCARD] (IOC)

[YGOCARD]Bloom Diva the Melodious Choir[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

[YGOCARD]Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Blue Eyes White Dragon (YAP1)

Bond Between Teacher And Student x4 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Brain Control[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Buster Blader[/YGOCARD] x2 (YAP1)

[YGOCARD]Call Of The Haunted[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PSV)


[YGOCARD]Card of Demise[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Celestia, Lightsworn Angel[/YGOCARD] x2 (LODT)

[YGOCARD]Celestia, Lightsworn Angel[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LODT)

[YGOCARD]Celtic Guardian[/YGOCARD] x2 (YAP1)

[YGOCARD]Chain Summon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Chaos Command Magician[/YGOCARD] (MFC)

[YGOCARD]Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End[/YGOCARD] x2 (TLM)

[YGOCARD]Chaos Form[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Change of Heart[/YGOCARD] x3 (MRD)

[YGOCARD]Constellar Ptolemy M7[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]The Creator[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (RDS) [Has minor edgewear]

Crowley, The First Prophoseer x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Crystal Wing Synchro Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Dragon[/YGOCARD] Nachster 1st Ed (DUPO)


[YGOCARD]Cyber End Dragon[/YGOCARD] x2 (CRV)

[YGOCARD]Cyber End Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (CRV)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Laser Dragon[/YGOCARD] (SOI)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Laser Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (SOI)

[YGOCARD]Cyberdark Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

Cyberse Enchanter x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Dark Cavalry x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Dark Eradicator Warlock[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (SD6)


[YGOCARD]Dark Lucius LV8[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magic Attack[/YGOCARD] x3 (AST)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magic Attack[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (AST)

Dark Magic Circle x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Dark Magic Twin Burst x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

Dark Magician x3 (DB1)

Dark Magician (LOB)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magician Girl[/YGOCARD] (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Dark Mirror Force[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (IOC)

[YGOCARD]Dark Necrofear[/YGOCARD] (LON)

[YGOCARD]Dark Necrofear[/YGOCARD] (DB2)

[YGOCARD]Dark Ruler Ha Des[/YGOCARD] (DB2)

[YGOCARD]Darknight Parshath[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

Decode Destruction x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Destiny Draw[/YGOCARD] x2 1st Ed (DP05)

Destiny Hero Malicious x2 1st Ed (DP05)

[YGOCARD]Destiny End Dragoon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LODT)

[YGOCARD]Diffusion Wave-Motion[/YGOCARD] x4 (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Dimension Fusion[/YGOCARD] (IOC)

[YGOCARD]Dimension Fusion[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (IOC)

Divine Serpent Geh x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Double Hero Attack x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

Double Or Nothing x6 1st Ed (DUPO)


Doublebyte Dragon x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Drill Synchron[/YGOCARD] x3 (DPCT)

[YGOCARD]El Shaddoll Construct[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]El Shaddoll Fusion[/YGOCARD] x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Bladedge[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x5 (YSD)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Dark Neos[/YGOCARD] (POTD)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Flame Wingman[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TLM)

Elemental Hero Grandmerge x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Glow Neos[/YGOCARD] (STON)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Necroshade[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (YSDJ)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Rampart Blaster[/YGOCARD] (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Sparkman[/YGOCARD] (YSD)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Tempest[/YGOCARD] (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Wildedge[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (EEN)

Elementsaber Makani (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]The End of Anubis[/YGOCARD] x3 (TLM)

[YGOCARD]Enemy Controller[/YGOCARD] (AST)

[YGOCARD]Enishi, Shien"s Chancellor[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (GLAS)

[YGOCARD]Eternal Soul[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Evenly Matched x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Exchange of the Spirit[/YGOCARD] x2 (SP1)

[YGOCARD]Exploder Dragonwing[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (RGBT)

[YGOCARD]Expressroid[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x5 (YSDS)


Frightfur Patchwork x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Frightfur Sabre-Tooth[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

[YGOCARD]Full Armored Crystalzero Lancer[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

Fusioh Richie (PGD)

[YGOCARD]Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Gemini Elf[/YGOCARD] x5 (IOC)

Ghost Belle -amp; Haunted Mansion 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Ghost Ogre -amp; Snow Rabbit[/YGOCARD] x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

Ghost Reaper -amp; Reaper Cherries x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Gilford the Legend[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x5 (SD5)

[YGOCARD]Gold Gadget[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Gouki Cage Match x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Gouki Jet Ogre x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Gouki The Great Ogre[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Guard Penguin[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Guardian Ceal[/YGOCARD] (DCR)

[YGOCARD]Guardian Grarl[/YGOCARD] (DCR)

[YGOCARD]Guardian Sphinx[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PSV)

Guardragon Agarpain 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Gyakutenno Megami[/YGOCARD] (YAP1)

[YGOCARD]Halfway to Forever[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (SOI)

[YGOCARD]Harpie Dancer[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x3 (LCJW)

[YGOCARD]Harpie"s Pet Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x3 (LCJW)

[YGOCARD]Heavy Storm[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LCYW)

Hieratic Dragon Of Atum x10 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit[/YGOCARD] x4 1st Ed (DUPO)

Hieratic Dragon Of The Heavenly Spheres x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]High Priestess of Prophecy[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Horn of Heaven[/YGOCARD] (MRD)

[YGOCARD]Hot [YGOCARD]Red Dragon Archfiend[/YGOCARD] Abyss[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Hot [YGOCARD]Red Dragon Archfiend[/YGOCARD] Bane[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Hot [YGOCARD]Red Dragon Archfiend[/YGOCARD] King Calamity[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Hyper Psychic Blaster/Assault Mode[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CRMS)

[YGOCARD]Hyper Psychic Blaster[/YGOCARD] (CRMS)

Infinite Impermanence x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Infernal Flame Emperor[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (SD3)

Infinite Impermanence 1st Ed x2 (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Insect Princess[/YGOCARD] (IOC)

[YGOCARD]Insect Princess[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (IOC)

[YGOCARD]Instant Fusion[/YGOCARD] (RYMP)

Jinzo (DB1)

[YGOCARD]Junk Archer[/YGOCARD] (DP09)

[YGOCARD]Kaiser Sea Horse[/YGOCARD] x5 (SKE)

[YGOCARD]Koa"ki Meiru Gravirose[/YGOCARD] (ANPR)

Lefty Driver 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Legacy of a HERO[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]The Legendary Fisherman[/YGOCARD] (PSV)

Link Disciple x4 1st Ed (DUPO)

Linkuriboh x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Light Wing Shield[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Light and Darkness Dragon[/YGOCARD] x5 (LDPP)

[YGOCARD]Mage Power[/YGOCARD] x2 (LON)

Magic Gate Of Miracles x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Magician Of Chaos x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Magician"s Unite[/YGOCARD] (CP03)

[YGOCARD]Magician"s Valkyria[/YGOCARD] x3 (JUMP)

[YGOCARD]Marauding Captain[/YGOCARD] (LOD)

[YGOCARD]Mark of the Rose[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)


[YGOCARD]Miracle Fusion[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x10 (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Multiple Piece Golem[/YGOCARD] x2 (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Naturia Beast[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz Kaleidoscope[/YGOCARD] x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz Mirror[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz of Brionac[/YGOCARD] x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz of Clausolas[/YGOCARD] x4 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz of Trishula[/YGOCARD] x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz of Unicore[/YGOCARD] x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nekroz of Valkyrus[/YGOCARD] x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Nightmare Wheel[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PGD)

Nine-Tailed Fox x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Number 28: Titanic Moth[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

[YGOCARD]Number 39: Utopia[/YGOCARD] Double Ray x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x3 (SD4)

Odd-Eyes Advance Dragon 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Perfect Machine King[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (RDS)

Performapal Smile Sorcerer x4 1st Ed (DUPO)

Photon Advancer x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Plaguespreader Zombie[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

Platinum Gadget x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Power Tool Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (RGBT)

[YGOCARD]Power Wall[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

Predaplant Dragostapelia x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Predaplant Ophrys Scorpio[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Predaplant Spider Orchid x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Raigeki (DB1)

Qliphort Genius x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

Question 1st Ed (PGD)

Quintet Magician x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Rare Value[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Raviel, Lord of Phantasms[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (SOI)

[YGOCARD]Red Dragon Archfiend[/YGOCARD] (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Relinquished[/YGOCARD] x3 (SDP)

Righty Driver x7 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Ring of Defense[/YGOCARD] (DP2)

[YGOCARD]Ring of Destruction[/YGOCARD] (IOC)

Shaddoll Construct x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Shiba Warrior Taro x3 (YAP1)

Shining Draw 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Shiranui Shogunsaga[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

Shurit, Strategist Of Nekroz 1st Ed (DUPO)

Signal Warrior 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Silent Swordsman LV3[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (RDS)

[YGOCARD]Silver Gadget[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Simorgh, Bird of Divinity[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x5 (SD8)

[YGOCARD]Skull Archfiend of Lightning[/YGOCARD] (DR1)


Soul Pendulum x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Spell Binding Circle (SRL)

[YGOCARD]Sphinx Teleia[/YGOCARD] x10 (EP1)

[YGOCARD]Star Seraph Scepter[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Star Seraph Sovereignty[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

Stardust Wish x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Super-Ancient Dinobeast[/YGOCARD] (LODT)

[YGOCARD]Super Conductor Tyranno[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x5 (SD09)

[YGOCARD]Super Quantal Mech King Great Magnus[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Tactical Exchanger x6 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]The End of Anubis[/YGOCARD] (DR2)

[YGOCARD]The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]The Winged Dragon of Ra[/YGOCARD] 0 Sphere Mode x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Theinen the Great Sphinx[/YGOCARD] x10 (EP1)

[YGOCARD]Thought Ruler Archfiend[/YGOCARD] (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Thought Ruler Archfiend[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Thunder Dragon[/YGOCARD] Thunderstormech x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Toon Dark Magician Girl[/YGOCARD] x2 (JUMP)

[YGOCARD]Toon Dark Magician Girl[/YGOCARD] x30 1st Ed (DUPO)


[YGOCARD]Toon Summoned Skull[/YGOCARD] (MRL)

[YGOCARD]Tour Guide From the Underworld[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUSA)

Trickstar Foxglove Witch x2 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Trickstar Holly Angel[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DUPO)

Trickstar Magical Laurel 1st Ed (DUPO)


[YGOCARD]Tyrant Dragon[/YGOCARD] (LOD)

[YGOCARD]United We Stand[/YGOCARD] (LON)

[YGOCARD]Uria, Lord of Searing Flames[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (SOI)

Utopic Onomatopoeia 1st Ed (DUPO)

Vennominin The King Of Poisonous Snakes 1st Ed (TAEV)

[YGOCARD]Vision HERO Vyon[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

[YGOCARD]Volcanic Doomfire[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (FOTB)

[YGOCARD]Voltanis the Adjudicator[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (EOJ)

Warm Worm (TF04)

White Horned Dragon (GXNG)

Worm Bait (TF04)

[YGOCARD]Xyz Change Tactics[/YGOCARD] x5 1st Ed (DUPO)

XYZ Dragon Cannon (DR1)

[YGOCARD]Yamata Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LOD)

Yubel Terror Incarnate 1st Ed (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Zaborg the Mega Monarch[/YGOCARD] x6 1st Ed (NECH)

[YGOCARD]Zaborg the Mega Monarch[/YGOCARD] x3 1st Ed (DUPO)

Super Rare

[YGOCARD]The Agent of Wisdom - Mercury[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LCYW)

[YGOCARD]Ally of Justice Garadholg[/YGOCARD] (HA01)

[YGOCARD]B. Skull Dragon[/YGOCARD] (DB1)

[YGOCARD]Blast Magician[/YGOCARD] (FET)

[YGOCARD]Blizzard Warrior[/YGOCARD] (HA01)

[YGOCARD]Blue-Eyes White Dragon[/YGOCARD] (SKE)

[YGOCARD]Brilliant Fusion[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

[YGOCARD]Celtic Guardian[/YGOCARD] x3 (LOB)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Barrier Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed

[YGOCARD]Cyber Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x2 (CRV)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Harpie Lady[/YGOCARD] (DLG1)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Shadow Gardna[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Cyberdark Dragon[/YGOCARD] (DP04)

[YGOCARD]Cyberdark Horn[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

[YGOCARD]Cyberdark Keel[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

Dark Magician (SYE)

Dark Magician x3 1st Ed (SYE)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magician Girl[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DPYG)

[YGOCARD]Dark World Dealings[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x3 (STON)

Degrade Buster (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Destiny Draw[/YGOCARD] x2 (DL1)

[YGOCARD]Dinomist Rex[/YGOCARD] (MP16)

[YGOCARD]Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings[/YGOCARD] (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Dragon Queen of Tragic Endings[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Dragonic Guard[/YGOCARD] (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Dragonic Guard[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Drillroid[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (YSDS)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Shining Phoenix Enforcer[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed x3 (DP05)

[YGOCARD]Elemental Hero Storm Neos[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Flame Swordsman[/YGOCARD] x3 (LOB)

[YGOCARD]Gearfried the Iron Knight[/YGOCARD] (PSV)

[YGOCARD]Gearfried the Iron Knight[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (PSV)

[YGOCARD]Gem-Knight Amber[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (HA06)

[YGOCARD]Gem-Knight Obsidian[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (HA06)

[YGOCARD]Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World[/YGOCARD] (EEN)

Gouki The Master Ogre (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Grandsoil the Elemental Lord[/YGOCARD] (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Gravekeeper"s Priestess[/YGOCARD] (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Gravekeeper"s Visionary[/YGOCARD] (ABPF)

[YGOCARD]Great Shogun Shien[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (STON)

[YGOCARD]Grinder Golem[/YGOCARD] x2 (DP07)

[YGOCARD]Grinder Golem[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DP07)



[YGOCARD]Javelin Beetle[/YGOCARD] x10 (PP01)

Jinzo Lord 1st Ed (LODT)

[YGOCARD]Kinka-Byo[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TDGS)

Knightmare Cerberus (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Legacy of Yata-Garasu[/YGOCARD] x4 (PP01)

[YGOCARD]Magician"s Circle[/YGOCARD] (NTR)

[YGOCARD]Messenger of Peace[/YGOCARD] (MRL)

[YGOCARD]Mirror Force[/YGOCARD] (DB2)

[YGOCARD]Mirror Gate[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TAEV)

[YGOCARD]Moulinglacia the Elemental Lord[/YGOCARD] (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Multiply[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CRMS)

[YGOCARD]Mutant Mindmaster[/YGOCARD] (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Mystical Elf[/YGOCARD] x2 (LOB)

[YGOCARD]Necroface[/YGOCARD] x3 (CRMS)

Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird 1st Ed x2 (STON)

Neo Spacian Aqua Dolphin 1st Ed x3 (POTD)

Neo Spacian Dark Panther 1st Ed x5 (POTD)

Neo Spacian Flare Scarab (POTD)

Neo Spacian Flare Scarab 1st Ed x3 (POTD)

[YGOCARD]Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow[/YGOCARD] x3 (ABPF)

Phosphorage The Elemental Lord (FLOD)

[YGOCARD]Pot of Avarice[/YGOCARD] (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Pot of Avarice[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (EEN)

[YGOCARD]Raigeki Break[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (LCYW)


[YGOCARD]Scrubbed Raid[/YGOCARD] x2 (DP09)

[YGOCARD]Stardust Dragon[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (DP08)

[YGOCARD]Steelswarm Sting[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (HA06)

[YGOCARD]Solar Recharge[/YGOCARD] x2 (ANPR)

[YGOCARD]Trojan Blast[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (CDIP)

Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon (DB1)

[YGOCARD]Toon Goblin Attack Force[/YGOCARD] x2 (DL7)

[YGOCARD]Toon Table of Contents[/YGOCARD] (DASA)


[YGOCARD]Tuner"s Barrier[/YGOCARD] (DP09)

Twin [YGOCARD]Barrel Dragon[/YGOCARD] x5 (TDGS)

[YGOCARD]Unstable Evolution[/YGOCARD] 1st Ed (TDGS)

World Legacy"s Memory x2 (FLOD)

XX Saber Bogart Knight 1st Ed (TSHD)

XX Saber Faultroll x3 (ANPR)

Yubel 1st Ed (PTDN)

[YGOCARD]Zera Ritual[/YGOCARD] x10 (PP01)

[YGOCARD]Zera the Mant[/YGOCARD] x10 (PP01)

Gold Rare


[YGOCARD]Grandmaster of the Six Samurai[/YGOCARD] x3 (GLD1)

Jinzo x3 (PGLD)

[YGOCARD]Prometheus, King of the Shadows[/YGOCARD] x3 (GLD1)

Hobby League:

[YGOCARD]Asura Priest[/YGOCARD] (HL04)

[YGOCARD]Cyber Jar[/YGOCARD] x2 (HL2)

[YGOCARD]Exiled Force[/YGOCARD] x2 (HL04)


[YGOCARD]Shining Angel[/YGOCARD] (HL06)




Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay x3

Vampire Sucker x2 (FLOD Secret Rare; Prefer 1st Ed) x2

[YGOCARD]Terraforming[/YGOCARD] (Secret Rare)

[YGOCARD]Super Polymerization[/YGOCARD] (Secret Rare) x2

[YGOCARD]Shiranui Solitaire[/YGOCARD] (Ultra Rare) x3

[YGOCARD]Uni-Zombie[/YGOCARD] (Ultra Rare) x3

Called by the Grave (Super Rare) x3

[YGOCARD]Dragonecro Nethersoul Dragon[/YGOCARD] x2

[YGOCARD]Rivalry of Warlords[/YGOCARD] (Super Rare) x3

[YGOCARD]Shiranui Style Swallow"s Slash[/YGOCARD] x3

Pot Of Extravagance x3

[YGOCARD]Magician of Dark Illusion[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Magician"s Rod[/YGOCARD] x3 (Super Rare) x3

[YGOCARD]Apprentice Illusion Magician[/YGOCARD] x3

[YGOCARD]Dark Burning Magic[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]The Eye of Timaeus[/YGOCARD] (Secret Rare)


[YGOCARD]Sorcerer of Dark Magic[/YGOCARD] DPYG 1st Ed Xx

[YGOCARD]Magician Navigation[/YGOCARD] x3

[YGOCARD]Ebon Illusion Magician[/YGOCARD] x3

[YGOCARD]Ebon High Magician[/YGOCARD]

Number 11 [YGOCARD]Big Eye[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate Only)

[YGOCARD]Dark Magician the Dragon Knight[/YGOCARD] x2

[YGOCARD]Amulet Dragon[/YGOCARD]

[YGOCARD]Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight[/YGOCARD]


[YGOCARD]Doomcaliber Knight[/YGOCARD] (Ultra Rare Only) Xx

[YGOCARD]Thunder King Rai-Oh[/YGOCARD] (Holo Only) Xx

[YGOCARD]Cyber Dragon[/YGOCARD] (Alternate Art Secret Only) Xx

1st Ed Ghost Rares Xx

[YGOCARD]Marauding Captain[/YGOCARD] (LOD 1st Ed Only) x3

Toons (Holo Only) Xx

[YGOCARD]Dark Armed Dragon[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate Rare or PTDN Only)

Judgement Dragon (Ultimate Rare or Secret Rare Only)

[YGOCARD]Silent Swordsman LV7[/YGOCARD] (WC5 Ultra Rare) x3

[YGOCARD]Silent Swordsman[/YGOCARD] (Ultra 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Silent Swordsman LV3[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Silent Swordsman LV5[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Mystic Swordsman LV2[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Mystic Swordsman LV4[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Mystic Swordsman LV6[/YGOCARD] (Ultimate 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Don Zaloog[/YGOCARD] (PGD 1st Ed) x3

[YGOCARD]Goblin Attack Force[/YGOCARD] (PSV Ultra Rare) x9

[YGOCARD]Freed the Matchless General[/YGOCARD] (LOD Ultra Rare) x9

Fossil Dyna (Prefer Secret) Xx

Inzektors (Holo Only) Xx

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