SingularityNET, the artificial intelligence network powering the Sophia humanoid robot, has entered into partnerships with two major technology firms, the company announced Thursday. The deals mark a major breakthrough for the blockchain-based platform, which allows A.I. developers to share their creations for others to use.

“The vision of the foundation, SingularityNET, is to create benevolent decentralized A.I.,” Arif Khan, vice president of marketing for the foundation, tells Inverse. “We are empowering developers around the world to participate in this new economy.”

The beta marketplace, launched at the start of March, aims to up-end the Silicon Valley siloed structure of artificial intelligence. Instead of a giant firm developing its own systems and competing with others, SingularityNET will enable developers to create their own tools and sell access on a marketplace, so firms can take advantage of new developers’ creations no matter where they are in the world.

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