Daily Crypto news – 14th March,

Basel Committee on Cryptocurrency: The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision warned that cryptocurrency growth has the potential to destabilize the global banking system.

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Bitcoin receives major endorsement: Legendary stock market expert, Marc Faber endorsed the cryptocurrency after admitting he made his first purchase of the coin.

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New Coinbase Custody feature: Coinbase Custody introduced a new feature that provides users instant liquidity on offline funds.

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Joseph Lubin on cryptocurrencies: The co-founder of Ethereum hailed the rise of blockchain and crypto communities, pegging the former as “new trust infrastructure”

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Ran NeuNer on XRP: Ran NeuNer responded to Anthony Pompliano’s claim of Bitcoin being fast, by saying that XRP was faster.

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Justin Sun on Bitcoin: Tron’s CEO said Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a bright future, especially since JP Morgan and Facebook joined the bandwagon.

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Cryptopia secures 35% coins: The New Zealand-based exchange informed users that it had secured custody of 35% of coins on new wallets.

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