Shortly after a wave of layoffs at the Ethereum company ConsenSys, TRON founder Justin Sun offered to help all Ethereum and EOS developers transferring their projects to TRON. The day before, the BitGuild games platform had already done just that.

While in the current bear market some crypto projects have to tighten their belts, TRON’s coffers still seem to be full. Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, today announced the creation of a fund for Ethereum and EOS developers to save them from the “collapse of their platform”. However, the recipients of this assistance must transfer their decentralized applications (dApps) to the TRON platform.

Dismissals in the crypto industry on the increase

Apparently Sun had come up with this idea after hearing about the layoffs at ConsenSys. The New York-based company, which is focused on the development of Ethereum, announced on Thursday that it would be parting with 13 percent of its employees. With a workforce of 1,200, that makes 156 layoffs.

Last month, Exchange Coinbase had 15 employees laid off. At the competitor Kraken, 57 employees had to leave their jobs in September.

At EOS, however, there does not seem to be a shortage of money for a long time yet. EOS New York, one of the platform’s 21 block producers, thankfully rejected Justin Sun’s offer. There are still billions of dollars of venture capitalists available for EOS projects.

First game announces move from Ethereum to TRON

BitGuild had already announced on Thursday that it would move its social video game Bitizens from Ethereum to TRON, as in a rush to obedience. The game lets you customize an avatar and explore the virtual city of Bitropolis with it.

As a justification for this step, BitGuild wrote today that Ethereum’s scaling difficulties led to “congestion problems, long waiting times, high gas charges, and poor stability,” thereby alienating many dApp users.

Because of the high speed, the low fees and the easier dApp development and scaling, they now want to become the “first big game in the TRON network”. For the transition phase Bitizens was temporarily taken off the net.

Will all major dApp platforms survive the crypto winter, or will the developers eventually commit to one? What are the best chances of survival at the moment? Write your thoughts in the comment column!


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