Our solution is built to be extremely simple and user-friendly, says Paytah Payment Solutions founder Marco Lavanna.
‘Cryptocurrencies’ is the buzz-word du-jour and its take-up is significant. Yet there is still a lack of knowledge about it. What are operators like Monetum doing to bridge this gap?
That is exactly where we want to step in and fill the gap. There is too much focus on trying to explain cryptocurrencies and very little focus on using it. We have built a system with usability in mind, making it easy for average users to spend crypto even if they have no idea how blockchains work, or what is cryptography. They store funds with us and we let blockchain do its magic in the background without any need for the users to get involved with the technicalities, unless of course they want to.
Having said that, we are also very proud of the fact that we have developed a solution for our sister company, a licensed payment institution, entirely running on blockchain, which is quite a novelty in a regulated fiat environment.
There is also a gap between the ‘virtual’ nature of cryptocurrencies and whether these can be used to buy services and products in the ‘real’ world. How does...

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