Blockchain Foundry (CSE:BCFN) has announced it has entered into a pre-solution design and consulting agreement with LAVA Blockchain Technologies.

As quoted in the press release:

LAVA Coin is focused on building a blockchain-enabled global Membership community empowered with the use of crypto-based community cards for Point of Sale and tools to enable swift seamless transactions in all marketplaces. According to the World Payments Report 2017 (“WPR 2017”), global digital payments volumes are predicted to reach nearly 726 billion transactions in 2020.

LAVA Coin’s aim is to disrupt the payments industry by providing safe, secure and fast global transfers of cryptocurrency and fiat funds, true stable value with an asset-backed token and ultimate usability online and at point of sale.

BCF will provide LAVA Coin with the expertise to design the blockchain-based architecture for LAVA Coin’s platform; leveraging the Syscoin blockchain. “We are very pleased to engage in a strategic partnership with the team at Blockchain Foundry,” stated Joy Case Founder -amp; CEO of LAVA Coin, “Our team has extensive experience in the payments, M-amp;A, innovative technologies and real estate industry so we are a discerning group. Prior to choosing the Syscoin assets and ZDAG system, I evaluated several blockchain-based solutions. I was impressed by the brilliance, innovation and expertise of the team at BCF. We have premium products for a discerning marketplace. As such we sought out the very best in the industry to build our enterprise blockchain solution. We could not be more proud than to have joined forces with BCF.”

The LAVA Coin Platform is designed to unite communities through a Community Card program that gives access to everyday purchases for crypto holders and ensures that a portion of each low transaction fee gets reinvested into its Member’s projects.

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