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Crypto Win? SEC Admits Not All ICO Tokens are Securities

Under strict conditions, a US business travel company will be allowed to sell tokens. The SEC published a letter to TurnKey Jet today, which was ...

Lambo, Land Rovers taken during $22M ICO fraud investigation

In Canada, authorities have seized luxury cars and frozen bank accounts owned by the ringleaders of FUEL, an allegedly fraudulent $22-million initial coin offering (ICO) ...

Beware – Million Dollar ICO’s Founder and Assets Caught by Canadian Police

ICO sale was the hottest trend in the year 2017 among all such ICOs, the parent of FUEL token had raised a total of ...

Swiss Regulators say $90 million Envion ICO was Illegal – Liquidate and Return

The post Swiss Regulators say $90 million Envion ICO was Illegal Liquidate and Return written by Richard Kastelein appeared first on Blockchain News - ...

Meet the 21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Trying to Sell His Failed ICO on Ebay

The bear market has not been easy on the crypto market, especially when it comes to initial coin offerings (ICOs). The demand for small-value tokens ...

What is an ICO and how does it work?

More and more people are enjoying the advantages offered by cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more common every day. There are more ways that we have ...

37,000 Investors Await Refunds from ‘Illegal’ $90 Million Envion ICO

The Envion scandal was one of the most dramatic sagas to unfold in the cryptocurrency space, and its not over yet. Swiss regulators have ruled ...

Swiss watchdog says cryptocurrency mining firm’s $90M ICO was illegal

Financial regulators in Switzerland have disclosed the full extent of the fraud committed by Envion AG, a cryptocurrency mining operation that illegitimately collected over $90 ...

Swiss financial watchdog finds $90 million initial coin offering illegal

Swiss firm Envion AG, which is now in liquidation, accepted more than 90 million Swiss francs ($91 million) from at least 37,000 investors in exchange ...