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Gov’t Shutdown Freezes SEC Activity, But Bitcoin ETF Date Unaffected

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has frozen all pending administrative proceedings due to the government shutdown. According to a legal expert, however, the ...

Living on Bitcoin Day 4: The Uphill Climb


Analyst: Bitcoin Price Must Get Above $3,700 in Order for Crypto Markets to Surge

Although this week was off to a volatile start, as the days went on Bitcoin began finding increased stability in the $3,600 region. This stability ...

Buy Bitcoin at Thousands of Stores at Coinstar Kiosks

A Bitcoin ATM company based in the US has announced a partnership with a major multi-national coin-counting company to enable users to buy Bitcoin (BTC) ...

Bitcoin Mining Getting More Decentralized As Bitmain Loses Dominance

Bitcoin mining has become so decentralized that six transaction confirmations now provide complete protection against double spending. Data: Mining Monopolies Dwindling That was the conclusion drawn among ...

Crypto VC Firm Seeking $60M Amid Bitcoin Rout: Good Sign?

It goes without saying that 2018s bear season savaged the broader crypto industry. Investors lost faith, Wall Street seemingly pulled out, and entire startups collapsed ...

Thailand Stock Exchange Considering Gov’t License to Trade Bitcoins

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) could become the latest entity to obtain a cryptocurrency trading license in the country. This news comes as the ...

Crypto Pundits Skeptical Of “Better Bitcoin” Plan From MIT, Stanford

Since Bitcoin began to pick up steam in 2016, the network, coupled with its core developers, has been criticized by cynics en-masse for its inability ...

Thousands of US Grocery Stores to Sell Bitcoin At Coinstar Kiosks

A U.S. Bitcoin ATM company has teamed up with international coin counter Coinstar to offer Bitcoin purchasing facilities in thousands of new locations. More Bitcoin For ...