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Strategic Blockchain: Xceedance and ChainThat Gain Critical Mass

Xceedance decided to jump on the blockchain bandwagon late last year – but rather than building its own platform, it invested in ChainThat, a specialist ...

David Morgan -Putting SILVER on a BLOCKCHAIN with Lode

The emergence of blockchain technology inspires us to imagine a future where physical weights and measures of pure silver are restored to the global ...

High Fidelity Raises $35 Million For Blockchain VR Venture

Philip Rosedale, the CEO of virtual reality maker High Fidelity, believes blockchain--a new tamper-proof ledger technology--is just the thing to help users keep track of ...

PeerStream, Inc.: PeerStream Business Solutions Expands Blockchain Technology Offerings to Include Innovative ProximaX Protocol

ProximaX Selects PeerStream as Preferred Integrator in North America NEW YORK, NY and GIBRALTAR / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2018 / PeerStream, Inc. (OTCQB: PEER), ...

Monet Code Review: Mobile Ad Hoc Blockchains

Monet code review, hard to focus on just the code because the whole idea is very cool. Mobile ad hoc blockchains to decentralize P2P, this ...

Brazilian Financial Regulators Announce Blockchain-Based Information Sharing System

The Central Bank of Brazil and other financial regulators will begin using a blockchain platform for sharing information regarding the authorization of financial institutions. ...

OpenFinance Network $7.7 Trillion Market with Blockchain based Security Token Platform

  OpenFinance Network is scheduled to officially launch tomorrow (June 28th, 2018). The platform is geared to operate as a security token trading platform working ...

Forget prenup, go for blockchain marriage

We want prenup! We want prenup! The line immortalized by Kanye West in Gold Digger has become a siren call for a generation who get ...

World Bank chooses Common Wealth Bank of Australia for first blockchain bond

In a world first, a blockchain bond has been mandated by the Common Wealth Bank of Australia (CBA) via the World Bank. The CBA will be ...