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HTC’s blockchain phone is ready for preorder

HTC just announced actual specs for its much-hyped blockchain phone, the Exodus 1, and is letting people ...

How Significant Is Blockchain in Internet of Things?


Ways In Which The Blockchain Can Be Used To Improve Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is one of the most interesting markets for tech products, I mean everything new arrives here last (usually). Now, the title of this article ...

TransferWise Won’t Buy Into Blockchain Until More Banks Use Ripple

Blockchain may not be the revolutionary payments system its supporters have made it out to be--at least not yet. While blockchain--the technology that underlies Bitcoin and ...

Blockchain needs to overcome barriers to be effective – Cassar White

The business world is buzzing about the potential of blockchain to transform our lives. The political world is similarly singing the praises of the blockchain. ...

‘Government must leverage blockchain technology to curb financial recklessness in the public sector’’

ChutaChimezie Chuta is a Tech innovation professional, an Author, a Drupal Web Application Developer, and a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Educator. He is the founder Blockchain ...

The Rebirth of Blockchain Project Vulcano

Vulcano ($VULC), a Proof-of-Stake and Masternode-based cryptocurrency platform is back again following the abandonment by the original developers and is making its fast into business ...

JP Morgans Morgan Blockchain Interbank Information Network Expands To Over 100 Banks

Global financial services company JP Morgan has announced that its blockchain-based Interbank Information Network (IIN) now has over 100 member banks. Launched as a pilot in ...

Forbes wants to fix journalism with blockchain, but journalists are skeptical

Publishing giant Forbes is joining a blockchain-based journalism network to begin experimenting with publishing its content using decentralized tech. In an announcement yesterday, Forbes revealed ...