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Facebook Blockchain Arm Booms, Even Amid Crypto Bear Market

Just months ago, David Marcus, the former president of fintech giant Paypal, was appointed as the inaugural head of Facebook Blockchain, the social media giants ...

Facebook Building Its Blockchain Unit, May Develop a New Cryptocurrency

Facebook is working hard to expand its blockchain development team. The company is also rumored to be building its own cryptocurrency. Blockchain and Social Media: Can ...

Blockchain Could Revolutionize Education Next. Here’s How

Blockchain Could Revolutionize Education Next. HeresHow.Photo by Priscilla Du Preez onUnsplashIt is important for educators and other stakeholders to reflect on all possible impacts, both ...

Blockchain Technology Can Play Key Role In Protecting Food Integrity

Increasing globalisation, and pressures to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, has increased food supply chain complexity, and given rise to concerns about black swan events ...

Aviation and shipping 2.0: where blockchain meets logistics

Over the past few weeks this series has explored blockchains application to a number of sectors within which we expect the technology to be used ...

How Blockchain technology can — and can’t — prevent sexual assault

By Cara Curtis When many think of blockchain, they think of cryptocurrencies. But as one of the most exciting new fields of emerging technology, there is ...

Linkedin Names ‘Blockchain Developer’ Top Emerging US Job of 2018

Linkedin has published its 2018 Emerging Jobs Report for the United States, in which it names Blockchain Developer as the most rapidly emerging employment position ...

Blockchain Beware: DAG And Block Lattice Are Here

How often has the average cryptocurrency investor heard blockchain, not bitcoin ramble across their feeds? Or now, bitcoin, not blockchain? Often cryptocurrency is heavily associated with ...